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How to Browse the islamicstore:
To browse and buy at our islamicstore please click the links provided in the "
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Customer Registration

This features allows you to register yourself as a customer at www.idara.com/store. You can specify your address. The advantage of registration is that every time you visit www.idara.com/store and place an order, you need not have to provide your billing and shipping details again. We only store the address details. No payment information such as your credit card number etc. is stored on our servers.

How to Register?

To register yourself, please click on the :Register: Link, just below the :Search Box: on the top right of the website, a registration form will open. Please complete the form by fill all your  information such as your name, address, phone etc. Choose a valid email (your email will be your user name for future logins, all order confirmation will be sent to this email) & select a password and type it twice. The address should be your billing address and should match your credit card address. The shopping cart will allows you to select shipping address if it is different than your billing address. For security reasons there is an image with unique number, please fill it in the box just below the image. Click :Submit & Continue: the registration process is complete and your are sent with a confirmation e-mail.
Note: Please check the box at the bottom left to receive our promotional emails & discount offers.

Your Account
After Registering, you can login to your account and manage the following things.
Personal Info: Manage Update your Personal details, like address, phone etc.
Order History : You can view your complete Order History with the status of each order.
Change Password: If you wish you can change password.
Newsletter: You can subscribe/unsubscribe to our mailing list and select HTML or Plain Text Email.
HelpDesk: To contact for Sales, Support and Service Questions or issues.

idara.com sends out promotional emails from time to time to its customers. If you would like to receive these promotional emails, please subscribe to our email list. If you currently receive emails from idara.com and would like to unsubscribe from the email list please email us at info @ idara.com 

The default prices of the items are in Indian Rupees. However, we offers you to choose any of the four currencies, i.e. US$, € Euro, £Pound.  
For most of the Items the prices listed are latest. However, price of some of the Items may be changed without notice.

Select Your Currency

We have Multi-Currency at our store i.e. Indian Rupees, US$, € Euro, and £Pound. You can select your currency from the dropdown provided below the shopping basket box. The default currency is Indian Rupees, you may opt for any other currency to see the converted prices of the product (s). Customers from India are requested to please shop with the default currency i.e Indian Rupees. 
If you are from any other country you can choose any currency, on checkout you will be transferred with US$ as the default payment currency.

Search The Books
As on any other website, if you need to search the required Book. Please use Search feature on the top right of the page. You may either look by author, book title or any other keyword to search. For example if you search for the Author Harun Yahya, the result page would display all books by Harun Yahya. Similarly if you are looking for Book, to say for example, Books for Women, all books on the related Books will be displayed.

Add to Basket (Cart)
Once the books are searched and you need to add them to your shopping basket by clicking on the "Add to Basket" button. This button is displayed on the bottom of the book details.

Wish List
While browsing through our website, if you found any Interesting Item but not sure if you really want to buy it, just add to Wish List, they will be save to wish list and you can add them later to your basket by clicking on the "Add to Basket" button. You can also email your wish List to your friends or yourself to buy them later ! 

Out of Stock Items
Books are one of the fastest selling items on the Internet. Therefore, some of the Books may become out of stock/unavailable, we have worked for this and now there is a link "Notify when in Stock" if you are interested in any of the out of stock Item, please click on the that link , our system will take your request and an email will be sent to you when this Book is available again in our stock !

If the Book you want is not available at our Website, please let us know the name of the Book, Author and publisher, we will try to arrange for you.

Shopping Basket
The right column of the web page displays the number of books in your shopping cart. Once you have selected the books you want to buy, please click on the "View Basket" link in orange colour. This will lead you to another page, where you can edit the quantity of the books and finally complete your order. You are also guided how to make payment using your credit card (visa and master cards) or through your paypal.com account.

Once you have completed your order follow the steps carefully as mentioned below
View Basket > Check shipping billing address > Proceed to checkout > Completed

Comments: You can add the comment to your order at "Payment Page"
Payment: This is important to select appropriate payment Gateway, according to your home country. 
Paypal (for International customers) and
ccAvenue (for Indian Customers). Please see our payment options for details.

If your question is not answered here or if you face any problem in accessing our website.
In case you experience any problem in accessing our website or for any Sales, Support and Service Questions or issues. you can contact us using our HelpDesk system, which helps you to keep track of enquiries and will enable us to provide you with a quicker response. Please login and use the HelpDesk to open a new support ticket, link to our HelpDesk is also provided at the bottom of this website or at the top right if you are logged in.


Product Descriptions & Product Images
idara.com attempts to be as accurate as possible. However, idara.com does not warrant that product descriptions or other content of this site is 100% accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. If a product offered by idara.com itself is not as described, or its image does not match exactly, your sole remedy is to return it in unused condition. (shipping charges to be borne by customer, at management discretion).


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