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It was in 1950 when a humble servant of Allah
Janab Munshi Anis Ahmad (Rah) entered into the field of Publishing Islamic literature with meager worldly resources, but with firm faith in the unlimited munificence and mercy of Allah, the most Beneficent. The reigning passion was to propagate Islam and bring light of the True Religion to those who are so miserably grouping in the darkness of scepticism, intellectual confusion and spiritual hollowness.

Slowly but steadily, the efforts bore fruits and in a very short span of time an institution
IDARA ISHAAT-E-DINIYAT came into being. It has by now to its credit hundreds of titles on different Islamic subjects in Urdu, English, Arabic, Hindi & French printed in several editions in millions of copies. It has also the privilege of publishing the last revealed book of Allah The Holy Qur’an in various sizes with commentaries and translation with worldly renowned scholars.

To give better services to our foreign customers a new company
IDARA EXPORTS was incorporated in 1993 which only deals in Exports. In addition to Holy Qur’an & Islamic Books IDARA EXPORTS also Export Leather Socks, Wooden Rehals (Qur'an Stands), Topies, Rumals, Islamic Frames, Islamic audio cassettes/CDs etc.

IDARA could never have been a success without the co-operation and patronage of our customers and readers. We are and would ever be thankful to them with the hope of increasing co-operation in future too, Insha Allah.