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New Book

by: Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Kandhlawi (R.A)
Organized by:
Maulana Muhammad Saad Kandhlawi

The book Muntakhab Ahadith, is a selection of authentic Ahadith, relating to the Six Qualities of Dawat and Tabligh.  This work was originally done in Arabic by Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Kandhlawi (R.A) during the last phase of his devoted life. He collected all the relevant principles, rules and precautions from their original sources. He has been so comprehensive and extensive that this book is not merely a compilation of these principles, rules and instructions, but perhaps an encyclopedia, in brief, with their relative importance. This masterpiece was later organized and translated into Urdu by his grandson, Maulana Muhammad Saad Kandhlawi.

Now, this Muntakhab Ahadith has been translated by a board of Islamic Scholars, is ready reference to guide the mankind towards the righteousness and enjoining the good and forbidden all evil deeds for the development and construction of an ideal society.

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